POP UP Workshops is a training course offering a foundation in implementing stage skills in science-communication. 

for Whom?

Our workshops will equip both scientists…

with public engagement skills, so they can better convey to society, to the many, what the few do. We will teach better visualization of scientific content, that goes beyond PowerPoint presentations, in order to share wonderment and stimulate the audience’s interest. From a 2-hour workshop to a full weekend long-experience, our facilitators will cover the following topics: Public speaking. Story-telling, Audience engagement, Team-building and more.

…and improvisers:

with fact-checking skills. We will facilitate workshops prior to the shows, where improvisers and researchers practice together the format of the show and ways to encourage the audience to engage in critical thinking. We will provide them with an arsenal of original improv-exercises, specially created for science outreach and already existing exercises adapted to suit academic content.

And we will have fun!

Upcoming SHOW

10 May '21

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