science communication savant, superconductivity is her puzzle and she puts cheese on everything...

Ana is a 27-year-old physics graduate currently pursuing a PhD in experimental condensed matter physics. Being especially interested in science outreach and increasing the audience engagement during her talks, she has experimented with different multimedia tools (Prezi, Inkscape i.a.). Her outreach efforts, talks, posters or flyers, have been awarded several first prizes in competitions such as the Doc4Office competition organised at the Junior Scientist and Industry annual meeting. Besides presenting her own scientific results, she has also contributed to the writing of different academic promotional materials, dedicated to the general public, and the organisation of conferences and other scientific meetings.

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environmentalist to the bone, curious about anything except cars, into statistics and absurd humor...

Damian is a 25 year-old environmental scientist practicing and coaching improv since 2009. In addition to his regular involvement in several groups and associations, he is also official MC and referee for theater-sports in Switzerland. He mostly performed in Geneva, but also regularly in Neuchâtel, Copenhagen and Chicago. He participated in numerous international festivals and hundreds of shows. For his Master thesis on Citizen Science, he won the first presentation prize at the 2019 international student conference of the Euroleague for Life Science in Sweden. He also regularly publishes science communication videos for the House of the River, a Swiss museum.

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events designer, improviser, dreams about budgets, but mainly board-games enthusiast...

Catalina is a 29 year old theatre actress, improv teacher and event manager. She organises regular improv events and has put together large job-fairs, fundraising events and comedy improv marathons. The two improv marathons have involved 13 improv teams, 55 performers and over 200 audience members. In addition to this, she coordinates free regular improv classes for youth. Her projects have required extensive administrative work, funding applications and organisational coordination of volunteer teachers as well as teaching commitment. She is a physical theatre actress by profession and an improviser at heart.

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