Improv meets BIOMEDICINE

This science communication show tackled current trends and challenges in the world of biomedical research. 


You missed our LIVE STREAM but luckily we recorded it

Monday the 10th of May we streamed our first POP UP LAB, an improv show, revolving around a guest-researcher’s thesis.

In a joint effort to foster a realistic portrayal of scientists as relatable individuals, the improvisers developed a performance with and about researchers: they engaged with the very content of their work (their research presentation, their published material, their lab routine, etc.). At the same time, the show tackled current trends and challenges in the world of modern research (publish and perish culture, mediatization of science, funding struggles, p-hacking, etc.).

The show is designed to enhance public access to scientific information and scientists, with the aim of improving public confidence and stimulating curiosity about biomedicine and science in general.


We use improvised theater as a medium to engage our audience with some of the latest scientific research in biomedicine.


What is Improvised Comedy?

  • It is a form of theatre where the performers create scenes on the spot, solely based on the audience’s suggestions.